Sunday, October 22, 2006


Matt had the boost off this hip today. We spoke a bit to the guy who's incharge of the upkeep of the place (Taibei SkatePark). He hasn't been doing his job. Loose screws everywhere, warped or rotting wood, not lookin too good. And somehow the guy's office looks nicer and nicer, ironically next to the delapadating ramps. I mentioned we could do a petition to get some more funding for this place, show the government there is interest from a good sized group of people, but he had other things to do at the time and closed the door mid-conversation.. He is obviously scare of loosing his pretty lax position by opening his mouth to help out fixing some pretty simple things... More on come.

More... Come ON..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Malaga Spain Summer 01'

I met Ruben on accident on this trip. Spoke Spanish with people about the American aggression on Cuba. Met people from all over and was know as the American that brought his bike all the way from there... The Italian sitting there was a friend of mine, her name was Lari.